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Why the lost secret of the "Bedtime Battle" is not obvious to Parents - Child Dream Wish No.12 to 20

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Between the 24th October and 17th Dec 2019 well over a third of the 8,120* Parents, children and sleep loving adults following Sleep Master Europe and Dream Pillow UK responded to five questions about their favourite dream.

12 (Joint) - OWNING A THEME PARK AND/OR A CHOCOLATE CASTLE / FACTORY (3.4%). In a joint 12th position is a dream where the child becomes the boss or owner of their favourite theme park and/or a chocolate factory. Many became Willy Wonka…but our favourite Dream was that of

Adele age (10) who became boss of Alton Towers and lived in the castle (which was made from Chocolate).

14 - DRIVING (MAINLY) BIG STUFF (3.3%). In this top dream the children could often drive but their chariot of choice was often surprising.

Although a few choose sports cars most went for bigger diggers, lorries, cement mixes and several even choose garbage trucks.

The top dream though involved driving monster trucks like those draw here by Brady.

15 - ON THEIR FAVOURITE HOLIDAY - NORMALLY DISNEY LAND OR THE SEASIDE (3.2%). Perhaps surprisingly this ranked much lower down the Children’s top dream list than it did on the adults.

The one we liked the best was the girl who travelled around Europe on a bouncy castle (although 90% of the children who picked this choose either a visit Disney Land or the beach as their most cherished holiday dream).

Cayson (age 5) shows his all-time favourite dream where he is in Disney Land meeting Mickey Mouse with his Mum and lots of sweets.

16 - ALONE ALL DAY OR NIGHT IN A TOY SHOP (3.1%). This dream often involved the child being left in a huge toy shop where they could play all night and normally did not have to go to school the day after.

For some, it was just an unlimited supermarket sweep visit but they could take all the time they wanted to buy anything in the shop.

Seven-year-old Darcy shows her ideal toy shop dream which involves lots of LOL dolls.

17 - JOURNEYS IN A ROCKET SHIP (2.7%). Journeys sometimes around the Earth but normally into space on a rocket came in as the 17th favorite child’s dream.

Here Charlie (age 7 ½ ) meets up with Buzz Lightyear for his moon visit dream

18 – IN PIRATE SHIPS HUNTING TREASURE (2.5%). Almost three percent of children mentioned Pirate ship adventures as the favourite dream they wanted to have at night.

“In my best dream, I was a pirate on a treasure hunt to faraway lands and every time I get close to the treasure I wake up. I looked forward all day to going back to sleep when I can find out where my treasure is. Eventually, I found it”!

Eve wants to dream about finding treasure on a Desert Island.

19- SCORING THE WINNING GOAL / TRY/ RUN FOR THEIR NATIONAL (OR LOCAL) TEAM (1.3%). Cricket and rugby both featured in this desirable dream but the majority of children surveyed wanted to score the winning goal in a cup final for their national or local team. One boy scored the winner for Watford, most scored for England

On this Dream Wish Note Tomos from Glamorgan has just scored the world cup winner for Wales.


My favourite dream is when Cinderella comes into my bedroom to play, we have a slide and trampoline in there too.

Actually being in the Minecraft game, Scooby-Doo or Hogwarts were other examples of the 20th most popular dream.

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