Dreamt up by 7-year old Harper Miller, the Dream Pillow helps kids dream good dreams. To help her brother sleep "happy" she would encourage him to use his imagination to craft stories that he wished to dream. They would imagine what it feels like to swim with the dolphins, this technique allowed them both to realise they are in charge of their dreams. And more, if children can change their dreams with the power of positive thinking, what else can they do when they simply dream big.

"First up, my son absolutely loves his Dream Pillow. Sharkie is the perfect plush to snuggle into and to be able to put your arm through the plush is a genius idea. We’ve also really enjoyed talking about dreams and discussing what we would like to dream about in night. Visualising the dreams and creating positive imagery has been a great addition to our bedtime routine.

My son still isn’t sleeping through the night but he is waking less and getting easier to settle. Whether related to the Dream Pillow I don’t know, but I expect so, and at just £22.94 for the dream pillow box with plush and idea cards, it’s excellent value."

"Getting children to want to go to sleep is always tricky and then sometimes getting them to stay asleep is just as hard. There are so many things that you have probably tried and a lot of them may fail, but have you ever thought about how all the senses could come into play when it comes to sleep?

Research has shown that there are ways that you can use sense to help your child settle, and that having the right environment and routine for the senses can really help. So how do we use all these senses to help our child sleep?"

"At the age of 5, E has a wonderful imagination which calls for fantastic stories and drawings. One downfall can be that at bedtime, it can run a bit wild and cause nightmares if she thinks of scary things.

The idea behind the Dream Pillow is to encourage your children to think of positive, happy things before bed to hopefully manifest them in their dreams. Children thrive on visuals so it wasn't enough to just think them, it is nice to have a physical object to cuddle up to as well.

The Dream Pillow comes in two different Dreamimals; Sharkie and Lamby, and I knew E would love the lamb so I opted for the latter.

The pillow is shaped a bit like a hand muff so you pop your drawing inside and hopefully whatever you've drawn will appear in your dreams. She did wake the following morning saying she dreamt of " a million doggies kissing her" which was, in fact, one of her drawings so I'll take that as a win! The fortune-teller comes in handy to give your child some ideas of what to draw because as the days go on, it might be a bit difficult for them to think of new things."

"We’ve always had a bit of an issue with Jack at bedtimes. Sometimes it’s difficult to get him to sleep but then once he is asleep, he usually doesn’t stay that way all night. 

The dream pillow is a beautiful item. It mixes a cuddly teddy and a pillow. They have a few different designs but we chose Sharkie

Jack has been trying it out and has loved it! We cuddle and talk about what he would like to dream about. He snuggles down and cuddles it and drifts off. He’s slept in all night long for days now so it’s definitely working."

"Getting children to sleep and staying asleep is like the holy grail, isn’t it? Some night waking and sleep problems are bound to happen and are normal, but there are things we can do to help. Turning off devices and TV an hour before bedtime, a good night time routine and plenty of one on one time and activity during the day can help but remember we have five senses, and all of them can be used to assist in getting a restful night’s sleep. The 6th sense is called The Common Sense and is spending time with your child before bed. The Dream pillow is a great way to do this. 

  I gave it to Phoebe, because she worries about having bad dreams at night. I remember myself as a child having a recurring nightmare which was awful. The way the dream pillow works is the child writes down their ideal dream on the cloud notepad, then puts it inside the dream pillow. When they go to sleep with this mindset, they will hopefully have a good dream, or at least go to sleep not worrying about the night ahead. Here’s Lily’s little learners with a video explaining how we can get the five senses to work together for a good night’s sleep."

"If you have a child who struggles to sleep it can be so draining as a parent. Day in day out you are tired and having to work at the same time can be impossible. If you know what I am talking about then you will love this post."

"I think this super-soft pillow is a lovely addition to our bedtime routine. It’s definitely helped calm down my (usually a little wild) child and I believe it’s helped with bonding too. Getting a peaceful night’s sleep is essential at any age, and giving young children the tools to do so will set them up for life.

I’d recommend this pillow to anyone who has an interest in encouraging a peaceful sleep for their child. I also think it’s a great nightly bonding exercise that can help children feel secure, which in turn is often confidence-boosting!"

"Getting children to sleep and staying asleep is like the holy grail, isn’t it? Some night waking and sleep problems are bound to happen and are normal, but there are things we can do to help. Turning off devices and TV an hour before bedtime, a good night time routine and plenty of one on one time and activity during the day can help (more info here), but remember we have five senses, and all of them can be used to assist in getting a restful night’s sleep. The 6th sense is called The Common Sense and is spending time with your child before bed. The Dream pillow is a great way to do this."

"Eden sleeps with her Dream Pillow every single night. She also often requests it for naps, along with her favourite blanket. Sometimes, we sit down and talk about what she would like to dream about and write it out on the notes. It helps her focus and calm down enough to be able to drift off to sleep"

"Changed our bedtime routine - This product is great! Not only does it come with a soft pillow but it comes with a book about dreams and a pad of paper for kids to write down what they want to dream about. I didn't realize when I ordered this that one of the uses for this product is to help kids who have nightmare have better dreams. I bought this to replace a favorite stuffed animal that we lost. I have 2 boys and they don't have nightmares but they love this pillow. My boys like that they can write down what they want to dream about and as part of our bedtime routine we now talk about what they want their dreams to be and they imagine all sorts of fun stories. I love the creativity they are having and this has replaced our previous routine of watching short videos before bed. My only challenge is that they fight over who gets a turn with the pillow so we're going to purchase another one!"

The Dream Pillow is a lovely pillow with a difference. Each night before bed, your child writes a dream note and they pop it in the middle of their dream pillow. They can then snuggle up with their pillow and focus on dreaming the dream of their chosen dream through visualisation. George and Molly were super excited to open up their boxes (which can totally be recycled for other craft projects, or kept as a little home for the dream pillows), immediately taking to their new pillow buddies! All-day they told me how they couldn’t wait to use their pillows, and how they couldn’t wait to write down their dream.

" Since our first night with Sharkie, he has taken him to bed every night. Some nights he writes out happy dreams and other nights he says he'll let Sharkie choose what he wants him to dream about. We're still working on the staying in his own bed thing, but for now I am just happy that he is content at night. Sharkie has a lot to do with that I believe. My son has never had a particular bedtime comforter, but now he chooses to sleep with his Dream Pillow every night!

Bedtime is a great time for bonding, and for children to open up about their worries. What we love about the Dream Pillow is how it helps promote positive thinking, confidence, a sense of security and allows children to believe in its ability to banish nightmares. There's a lovely quote on the Dream Pillow website that sums up how thinking good thoughts and visualising them can help in the long term:"

"My children have never been great sleepers - Arthur especially! He gets very anxious at night time and both children end up in our room before the night is through. We had noticed an increase in nightmares lately - imagined monsters called 'scampers' he thought were coming into his room to get him, insects trying to eat him and...(wait for it)...sharks trying to bite him. I KNOW. You're probably wondering why on earth we got him the shark pillow?? Well first of all, he saw it, fell in love with it and decided this was the Dream Pillow for him. Secondly, let's turn his idea of a shark from something which bites you in your sleep, to something soft, huggable and friendly who helps you have good dreams!


It seems to be working. We've been using the pillows for a couple of weeks now and there has been a BIG improvement on the dream front. Both Arthur and Charlotte love to snuggle up with their Dream Pillows at bedtime, and I do think that the characters really help to increase that special bond too! Charlotte usually has a little snuggly soft blanket with a tiny lamb attached, so the Lamby Dream Pillow was the perfect choice for her and she was OVERJOYED to have something new to cuddle along with Arthur. "

"She was so excited to go to sleep and have happy dreams that night, she grabbed her pen and started drawing out her dream whilst telling me what she wanted to happen, sure enough, she went straight to sleep with excitement.

The next morning I was woke with a Very happy girl that her dream was amazing and that she'd rode a unicorn to her castle with her friends, she was so happy the pillow worked and was so excited to create more happy dreams."

"The Dream Pillow is not only comforting but its also a great way to teach your child about the power of positive thinking, and that their intentions can create outcomes.  It allows bonding time before bed and is a lovely way to spark thoughtful conversations with your child.

The dream pillow is for children three years and up but Felix (2.5 years) is already asking for one, and so I think we might be purchasing the Shark version for him very soon. I absolutely love the concept of this product. The idea, the story behind it and the results are just amazing. Marley goes off to bed worry free and wakes up excited to tell us about his dreams now which is such a pleasure to see. If your little one is struggling with bad dreams, then I would strongly suggest giving this a go!"

"The Dream Pillow is a soft, fluffy pillow intended to help children sleep more easily by tackling those scary dreams and turning their imagination into a force for good, even at night-time.

The Dream Pillow comes with a colourful story book and a notepad. Kids can write down the dreams they want to have and then tuck the notes deep inside a pocket inside the pillow. Then, when they fall asleep, the Dream Pillow’s magic helps them take control of their dreams."

"Dream Pillow is such a fantastic idea, and the creators have also produced a revolutionary sleep mask that reduces all light and up to 40 decibels of sound- so once the kids are settled with their pillows you can rest easy (or use it to ignore a snoring husband like me!)."

" I loved the idea straight away.

I’ve always kept a journal and I use writing as a kind of therapy, so I can see how encouraging kids to get creative and writing down their wishes would be a positive thing. However, Alice is only just 3 and I’m not sure that she’d really understand the concept. I’m also not sure I could get her to give up the pencils, if I let her write/draw so close to bedtime. So, I decided we’d find another way to introduce Lamby into our bedtime routine.

Alice was very excited as soon as the box arrived. She even insisted on an early bedtime"

“My seven year old Daughter has for a very long time had issues with trying to get to sleep on her own. She says she gets scared and thinks she will have nightmares…. The pillow comes with some cloud shaped note paper and a themed story book about how the pillow works. She has been writing happy messages and drawings of things that make her smile every night and we talk about good things and happy times before bed. At seven years old she knows that there is no 'magic' involved but the power of suggestion that is used has certainly helped all of us start to get a better start to the night.”

"This little pillow and book have been EXACTLY the answer to my prayers! Because she makes up her dreams and she writes them down and she puts it in the pillow, she probably feels she has the control over her sleep and she's never felt like this before. She writes down and draws pictures of the dreams she'd like to have then puts the paper in her pillow and we read the book. Then she puts her head on the pillow, I tell her to close her eyes and imagine all the things she'd like to dream and that I'd check on her in five minutes, give her a kiss on the forehead and leave the room (because obviously the magic of the pillow won't work if I'm there, incidentally the magic only works between 19.00-19.30 I've NEVER been able to kiss her goodnight and leave the room without raising merry hell!"

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