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  • MAKES GOING TO BED FUN: When children write or draw their favourite dreams on one of the 60 Larger Dream Wish Notes supplied. Make going to bed enjoyable by encouraging kids to craft stories and use their astonishing imagination (or the dream generator finger game sheet supplied) to "Dream Up" a wonderful dream. You won't believe it until you see them actually WANT to go to sleep “ Winner of Bizziebaby's GOLD award 2020 in the "sleep aid" category.
  • NIGHT TIME COMFORTER: More than just super soft cute pillows, each character is a great emotional support companion for Primary School-age kids. Based on the widely proven "Image Rehearsal Technique!, the Dream Pillow helps kids to sleep and dream good dreams. It helps to practice positive imagery before bed and teaches children about the power of their thoughts, the importance of good sleep, and positive thinking. A new bedtime ritual will create memories for years to come.
  • DAYTIME OUT AND ABOUT COMFORTER AND HAND SANITISER: The matching mini "Day Dreamimal" character is a relatable cute character (which Surrey & Borders NHS refer to as a "Transitional Object" in their "Transition Back To School Guidance) Children directly associate the Big Lamby Dream Pillow in their bedroom with the mini Lamby Day Dreamimal on their school bag or backpack. Before school they insert one of the "Wish For Today" notes supplied- alongside the snuggly fitted hand sanitiser bottle
  • WHAT IS YOUR WISH FOR TODAY - At breakfast write or draw a child’s positive thought/wish for the coming day on one of the smaller cloud wish notes (30 included) to give them a sense of security and protection them from their fears. Empty plastic travel bottle with screw-on, flip-cap top included. Cute design. Introduces more fun & gets them into the habit of washing hands. NOTE - No Hand sanitiser fluid is included (colouring shown inside the bottles is to provide contrast in the photographs).
  • THREE UNIQUE DESIGNS: Choose your favourite "Dreamimal" Lamby, Sharkie or Pinkie. Each of the "Dreamimals" have a unique story. "Hi I`m Pinkie the silliest of all the "Dreamimals" I love snuggling and sharing funny dreams. I encourage expression so you can sleep tight & have silly dreams every night ". For children their Dreamimals are like toys for parents they are a tool to help children with disturbed sleep and help protect all children's mental and physical health outside the home.


The large PINKIE "Dreamimal" is a natural child sleep aid which can help avoid disturbed sleep problems such as Nightmares, Night Terrors, and general anxiety. It can help parent/child bonding in a special way as part of relaxed bedtime ritual. Allows your child to write or draw their thoughts onto one of the cloud-shaped "Dream Wish Notes" then put it inside the pocket of the Dream Pillow so they can connect with it long after you leave the room. It helps children take control of their dreams using the simple but effective NHS approved "Image Rehearsal Technique" (explained in detail in the instruction leaflet). The Dream Pillow is small enough to be worn like a pillow cuff, so it stays with them all night long! A pure comforting companion, each of the three Dreamimal characters have their own personality expressed in the accompanying storybook. Pinkie is the maddest of the three "Dreamimals". It all starts with the question "What do you want to dream" Size 28 X 20 X 6 cm (11 x 8 x 2") The baby PINKIE "Day Dreamimal" backpack keychain & hand sanitiser bottle comes with 30 smaller "Wish for Today" notes. Before leaving home your child writes or draws what they want from the coming day on their mini cloud-shaped note then place it in Pinkie's pocket between the hand sanitiser bottle. Encouraging your child to think and express their desires for their time away from home enables positive thoughts about their upcoming school day/excursion to be reinforced. It can also help you become even more attuned to their hopes, desires or even worries and fears as each wish note is a small window into their mind. The reusable 60 ml bottle is double the capacity of most child hand sanitisers and it is made from robust but easy to use PET plastic. The bottle is supplied empty (colouring enables the bottle to be seen in photos). To fill unscrew the lid and pump or squeeze from your large hand sanitiser bottle (cheaper and produces less plastic waste)-14 X 7 X 5 cm (5 x 3 x 2")


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Minimum age three years old


Pinkie Dream Pillow Replace Bad Dreams With Good Plus School Bag Hand Sanitiser

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