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Dream Pillow UK has combined two great ideas in this brand new product which helps to protect both your child's mental and physical health throughout their school day.

First - we took the "Lamby"character Day Dreamimal which is one of a series three positive thinking cuddly backpack/school bag key chains. The characters are designed for three different child personalities. This comes with cloud-shaped "Wish For Today" notes where the child gives you a window on their mind drawing wishes like those attached. This note for the day is stored inside their "Day Dreamimal" and it becomes what the NHS refers to as a relatable "Transitional Object" This is a reassuring link back to the safety and security of home and helps establish and maintain a positive mental attitude throughout their day.


Second - We then fitted custom built 60 ML Hand Sanitiser containers which also fit perfectly alongside their "Wish For Today" note. The bond a child can form with "Lamby", "Sharkie" or "Pinkie" and their personalised cloud wish note reinforces the need to regularly use their hand sanitiser during the day protecting their physical health.


This combination has many advantages over cheap / poor quality silicone / plastic reusable hand sanitisers 




1 -Unique and cute design based on the three Dream Pillow characters Lamby, Sharkie, and Pinkie involved in the Springtime Worldwide dream experience.


2 - Choose whichever of the three character’s different personalities relate best to your child, make it more likely to become a daily companion when they leave home.


3 - Comes with 30 “Wish for Today” notes for your child to write or draw whatever they want for the coming day. Encouraging your child to think and express their desires whilst they are away from home, allowing them to think positively about their school day/excursion. It can also help you become even more attuned to their hopes, worries, fears, or concerns. This cloud-shaped note is then placed in the space between the travel bottle and the “Day Dreamimal” for them to