• SNUGGLE AND SHARE FUN DREAMS: Hi, I am Sharkie! the bravest of the Dreamimals. I love snuggling and adventurous dreams plus whenever you need it my specialty is inspiring your personal power confidence 
  • CUTE DESIGNS: The keychain comes in three super cute designs that will put a smile on your children's face. Choose between Sharkie, and Lamby and Pinkie. The keychain comes with our dream cards to encourage your child to write down or draw their dreams and wishes
  • SUPER SOFT: Super soft and gentle. Ideal as a little toy pillow for cuddling and snuggling and take anywhere you go
  • NATURAL COTTON: All Dreamimals are made of high-quality stuffed plush made from 100% all-natural cotton
  • PERFECT GIFT: Ideal as a gift for children and loved ones. Great for birthdays, Christmas etc. Use them as a keychain for school-bags, backpacks etc.

Sharkie Dreamimals DayDreamimals Keycharms

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