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For Kid's The Dream Pillow™ is a toy 

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It makes going to bed fun, encouraging kids to craft stories “to dream up”.


For parents, a dream pillow™ is a tool based on a proven technique to help kids sleep and dream good dreams, The Dream Pillow helps practice positive imagery before bed. The Dream Pillow also teaches children about their power of their thoughts, the importance of good sleep, and positive thinking. This bed time ritual will create memories for years to come.


2020 Gold award

Bizzie Baby UK

Sleep aid catergory

Hi, I am Sharkie!

I am the BRAVEST of all the Dreamimals™. I love snuggling and sharing ADVENTUROUS DREAMS Plus whenever you need it my speciality is inspiring your personal power, CONFIDENCE 

Hi, I am Lamby!


of all the Dreamimals™

I love snuggling and sharing

 SWEET DREAMS . Plus, whenever

you worry, my speciality is


Hi, I am Pinkie!

I am silly funny and expressive. I love snuggling and sharing so you can sleep tight while you have funny dreams every night.

The Dream Pillow


Creating Good Dreams


You're now part of the Dream Team!


Write (or Draw) a dream you wish to dream.


Tuck it inside and cuddle up to practice dreaming good dreams!


Hello Good Dreams!

(Bye, bye bad dreams)

Enhance Creativity

& teach positive thinking

Better Bedtime

Make going to bed fun!

Teach positive thinking I Build confidence I Fun Bedtime Ritual I Bye Bye Bad Dreams!

Creates a comfort zone around a BEDTIME RITUAL. Allow your child to write or draw their thoughts and dreams onto the notes and put it inside the pillow for a peaceful sleep. SWEET DREAMS!


Improves and promotes child's POSITIVE THINKING, VISUALISATION and is a COMFORTING Cuddle CUSHION and Emotional Support helper... super soft, adorable pillow for sleep. Kids, teens and toddlers like to sleep on it. Also, a comfortable travel friend for any kid on road trips & airplanes. STRESS BUSTER: Gives a sense of relaxation for your little one wherever they go. This will surely be their favourite companion. It's both charming and adorable! Stimulates CREATIVITY, improves COMMUNICATION, Encourages and boosts CONFIDENCE in children. It also creates QUALITY family BONDING TIME for a lifelong connection.

We are a family business based in the heart of Cheshire and have specialised  in mainly Sleep related products for the last 7 years. Dream Pillow UK came into being earlier this year to minimise transatlantic postage cost and transport / customs delays for Dream Pillow customers in the UK and Ireland

Tips to help your child get to sleep using their senses

"dream good dreams"

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